Classic Shaving Razors

Classic Shaving Razors Most Wanted


The razors Classical razors are the best choice for shaving. You are using a traditional razor get the best results in a natural way and caring for your skin. With these razors have the best possible hurry respecting your skin. Combined with other shaving products like our razors, you get a shave that will surprise and at a much lower cost compared to disposable razors few uses. If you used so far disposable blades, stop shaving classic. You will notice the change in your skin and in your pocket.


More Information About Razors Classic


Classic shaving razors are a great choice for shaving. They are safer, cause less skin irritation and is a much more economical choice compared to disposable razors.


Made from the finest materials without danger of oxidation, any of these parts will last for many years, so it is only necessary to replace the razor blade every 3-4 uses, the cost is minimal.


A razor classic razor cuts both ways, so you can shave one side or the other interchangeably. Depending on how the shaving blade is mounted on the head, these pieces to shave classic are divided into:


Shaving Razor Two Pieces: one piece form the handle attached to the head base, while the top of the head is removed to change the blade.


shaving Razor 3 Pieces: they are the most common. They consist of a head made of two parts, whereby the blade is inserted, and the handle, usually threadedly attaches to head.


They are very easy to clean, for being completely removable is very simple remove debris from all parts. From butterfly opening: entire razor form a single piece, where the top of the head opens and allows the introduction of the blade.


Types Classic Shaving Razor


If we look at their classification depending on the design of the razor, traditionally divided into:


Comb Open (open comb English): the edges of the razor rake shaped, the edges of the shaped head or saw teeth. It is indicated for more aggressive shaving, leaving the blade exposed more.


Peine Closed (closed comb English): the edges of the head are straight. It provides a somewhat less aggressive shaving when compared to the open comb. It's the kind of razor shaving recommend as initiation classic, or for those seeking a better shaving without irritating the skin.


Type Head Slant: is a head with an asymmetrical design, so that the contact angle with the skin is not the same along the entire razor. This provides a more efficient and cut hair better hurry.

There are also models that adjust the level of exposure of the blade, so that we can regulate by a simple rotation of the handle hurry level we want.



Some models classic shaving razor with adjustable head most popular are the Merkur Future or Merkur Progress.


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